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Posted: Monday Mar 1, 2021

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Posted: (3 days ago) Art | Comics For art, related topics and discussions about comics including but not limited to general comic conversations, advice, and comic recommendations.

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Onomatopoeia for breathing? - Art | Comics - Tapas Forum

Posted: (3 days ago) Writing sound effects in comics feels really awkward to me for some reason. I need to write Darth Vader breathing sounds into a comic, but I have no idea how I would write that as a sound effect. Halp?

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What are some good sites for making merch? - Tapas Forum

Posted: (3 days ago) I just started making charms and stickers myself, here are the sites I use! If you're in the U.S. stickermule makes really high quality vinyl stickers (among other things!), they're a little more expensive but you get what you pay for! They also have free shipping! For charms, there is Zap!Creatives, they're based out of the U.K.The charms are great quality, I'd get more again.

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What canvas size should I use for sai? - Questions - Tapas ...

Posted: (3 days ago) I'm looking to start my webcomic soon but I've been having trouble deciding on a size of the canvas and what would work best for tapas and webtoon. I've seen people mention sizes for Photoshop and manga studio but would …

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Free Image Slicer - Off Topic - Tapas Forum

Posted: (2 days ago) so the issue @kip is that you shouldn't be feeding a picture through croppy multiple times. Just send it through the one time when you have your final product and then if you want it for both select both from the get go. Croppy is designed to cut Tapas images shorter because the width is larger (and we wanted to guarantee the under 2mb size limit) so croppy will return images that can be short ...

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From Webtoon Canvas to Originals - Questions - Tapas Forum

Posted: (6 days ago) Hello dear tapas people! My 2020 main goal is to become featured as an original Webtoon author (Desilusional?me? YOU BET! hee) I'm constantly trying to notice what can be improved in my comic to get closer to that goal and lately I've been Editing some of my early chapters because they have lots of pacing/Editing/art issues. But I'm looking for other 'tips' or stories from authors who've been ...

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Help! I'm afraid of being cancelled for my past ...

Posted: (3 days ago) Hello everyone, I have a fear of being harassed, doxed, and canceled. I was always told to "get over it", but I couldn't. I tried finding something to do to distract myself (I now like making beats), but I was always constantly afraid whenever I thought of being canceled. so when I was 13, I was always acting like a dick (I'm 14 now and I realized these mistakes). I commented some racist stuff ...

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Tapastic vs. Webtoons! (Your Honest Opinion!) - Tapas Forum

Posted: (3 days ago) Hey, there! I wanted to write this in the forums because a person I know has Webtoons, and I lost in a heated discussion with them, since they have too many features that "benefit" them. So, I would like to know, should …

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Tapas - How to save Comic Pages From Site? - Questions ...

Posted: (5 days ago) I understand why Tapas doesn't let you right click and save image. Is there any other way to get comic images from this site? I just want to get a comic page of my friend's and change the text to make something funny. Just a little gag. :stuck_out_tongue: If you can think of any other way besides screenshotting let me know. Thanks!(:

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Size Formats for Comics - Art | Comics - Tapas Forum

Posted: (7 days ago) I know that it's recommended to have comics posted here in vertical view so people with iphones/smartphones can view them easier but what is the recommended size format for them? I'm planning on using comic book paper for one of webcomics which is 11X17 and I also have comic strip paper which is 5x17 though I'm going to have them turned vertically for easy view for mobile readers. I was also ...

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