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William, Prince of Wales, KG, KT, PC, ADC (William Arthur Philip Louis; born 21 June 1982) is the heir apparent to the British throne.He is the elder son of Charles III and his first wife Diana, Princess of Wales.. Born in London, William was educated at Wetherby School, Ludgrove School and Eton College.He spent parts of his gap year in Belize and Chile before earning a Scottish …

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(53 years ago) The English Wikipedia is, along with the Simple English Wikipedia, one of two English-language editions of Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia.It was founded on 15 January 2001 as Wikipedia's first edition and, as of 25 September 2022, has the most articles of any edition, at 6,554,766. As of September 2022, 11% of articles in all Wikipedias belong to the English …

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Edward VII - Wikipedia

(53 years ago) Edward was born at 10:48 a.m. on 9 November 1841 in Buckingham Palace. He was the eldest son and second child of Queen Victoria and her husband, Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha.He was christened Albert Edward at St George's Chapel, Windsor Castle, on 25 January 1842. He was named Albert after his father and Edward after his maternal grandfather, Prince …

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(53 years ago) The Sawmill Fire was a wildfire that burned almost 47,000 acres (19,000 ha) of the U.S. state of Arizona.It began on April 23, 2017, at a gender reveal party held in the Coronado National Forest with the detonation by gunshot of a target packed with blue powder and tannerite.Because of hot and arid conditions in the area, the fire spread rapidly and forced the closure of Arizona State …

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(53 years ago) English is a West Germanic language of the Indo-European language family, with its earliest forms spoken by the inhabitants of early medieval England. It is named after the Angles, one of the ancient Germanic peoples that migrated to the island of Great Britain.English is genealogically West Germanic, closest related to the Low Saxon and Frisian languages; however, its …

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(53 years ago) This list of kings and reigning queens of the Kingdom of England begins with Alfred the Great, who initially ruled Wessex, one of the seven Anglo-Saxon kingdoms which later made up modern England. Alfred styled himself King of the Anglo-Saxons from about 886, and while he was not the first king to claim to rule all of the English, his rule represents the start of the first unbroken line …

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2022 Ukrainian southern counteroffensive - Wikipedia

(53 years ago) In late August 2022, Ukraine launched a counteroffensive against Russian forces occupying the country since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on 24 February of the same year. Engagements were reported on Ukraine's southern Kherson and Mykolaiv oblasts. Originally, it was announced that it would be aimed at retaking the entirety of ...

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Elizabeth II - Wikipedia

(53 years ago) Elizabeth II (Elizabeth Alexandra Mary; 21 April 1926 – 8 September 2022) was Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms from 6 February 1952 until her death in 2022. She was queen regnant of 32 sovereign states during her lifetime and 15 at the time of her death. Her reign of 70 years and 214 days is the longest of any British monarch and the longest …

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(53 years ago) Armed conflicts and attacks. Russo-Ukrainian War. 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine. 2022 Russian mobilization. Russian State Duma deputies approve the introduction of the concepts of mobilization, martial law, wartime and armed conflict, as well as punishment for desertion, into the Criminal Code. (Forbes) Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

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(53 years ago) Wikipedia (/ ˌ w ɪ k ɪ ˈ p iː d i ə / wik-ih-PEE-dee-ə or / ˌ w ɪ k i-/ wik-ee-) is a multilingual free online encyclopedia written and maintained by a community of volunteers through open collaboration and a wiki-based editing system.Its editors are known as Wikipedians.Wikipedia is the largest and most-read reference work in history. It is consistently one of the 10 most …

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