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A Limited Liability Company, also known as an LLC, is a flexible and straightforward corporate set-up in the United States … Free Indiana LLC Operating Agreement Templates (PDF – Word) Read More »

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Full House Cleaning Checklist (7 Free Printable Templates)

(53 years ago) On average, a house cleaning service costs around $100 to $200 for deeper cleans and $400 or more for one-time visits. You may, however, have to pay slightly less or high depending on whom you get to clean your house:

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5 Free Termination of Consulting Agreement Templates

(53 years ago) Terminating someone is not always easy. When doing so, it is important to consider the mental and legal implications of the letter. To make sure that you terminate a consultant in the right manner, courtesy demands that you draft a termination of consulting agreement letter informing the consultant why they are being terminated and when the termination would be …

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25 Free Checkbook Register Templates (Excel, Word)

(53 years ago) How to create a checkbook register. Creating a checkbook register from scratch is a challenging task. If you want to make this job easier, you can download our free checkbook register templates in either Microsoft Excel or Word and personalize them according to your business.

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16 Best Letter of Support Samples (How to Word Your Letter)

(53 years ago) Writing a persuasive letter of support helps you to get a better chance of getting the much-needed support. Therefore, the following are step by step guide that can help you write one.

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7 FREE Invoice Tracker Templates with Payment Status (Excel)

(53 years ago) Invoices can be as simple or detailed as you require, however, they need to contain key elements; buyer and seller contact information, payment terms, descriptions of all services and goods provided, invoice and payment dates, and signatures.

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14 Free Daily Lesson Plan Templates for Teachers - Document …

(53 years ago) 8:25-8:40 AM: Read chapter 5 in Lord of the Flies. Have students read their character’s parts. Teacher reads the narrative part.8:40-8:50 AM: Have a class discussion about what occurred in the chapter. 8:50-9:00 AM: Talk about the response assignment. 9:00 AM-9:30 AM: Have students work on assignment during class. They can move around the room if they wish but …

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Free Peer Evaluation Forms & Samples (Word | PDF) - Document …

(53 years ago) What is Peer Evaluation? Peer evaluation is, therefore, is an assessment that allows students to assess each other’s performance properly. It is extremely valuable to help learners learn from each other by listening, analyzing, and offering a problem-solving solution.

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32 FREE Customer Contact List Templates (Word | Excel | PDF)

(53 years ago) One of the easiest programs to use to create and organize your customer contact list details is Microsoft excel. Using this program will make your contact list more meaningful and easier to manage and understand.

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45 Free Raffle Ticket Templates | Make Your Own Tickets

(53 years ago) Advantages of Raffle Ticket. Raffle tickets are used by organizations such as schools, businesses, churches, food banks, etc., to award ticket holders prizes such as cash, coupons, gift cards, travel-related items, etc. Typically, you can get a corporation to finance the prize.

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17 Free Taxi Receipt Templates to Make Basic Receipts

(53 years ago) Taxi receipts come in different template formats. However, the basic information contained in all of them includes the following: Driver’s name: Every receipt must contain a field for the driver to input their name. Contact number: This is vital information in all taxi receipts. The contact number, also known as the driver’s contact number, is a phone number used to get in touch with the ...

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How to Make Folder Labels in Word (Free Templates) - Document Templates

(53 years ago) In the Options dialog box, select the type of printer you are using. Choose your label supplier from the list provided, if the supplier is not on the list, indicate the exact dimensions of the label to ensure correct printing.

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40 FREE Printable Sign In Sheet Templates (Word | Excel | PDF)

(53 years ago) A sign-in sheet also referred to as a sign-up sheet, is used to obtain visitors or guest information at an event. This is a numerical list where people can (visitors or guests) can enter their details, such as their name, contact information, and any other relevant information.

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8 Free Editable Newspaper Templates (Word | PSD | PDF)

(53 years ago) Following are some of the standard formats of a newspaper: Standard (600 mm x 380 mm) This format requires a greater amount of content since the printed area is larger.

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20 Free Recipes Cookbook Templates (Word, PSD, AI, PDF)

(53 years ago) What is the difference between a cookbook and a recipe book? The difference between a cookbook and a recipe book is minimal. A recipe book is a collection of recipes which are accounts of procedures and ingredients that are used in preparing various foods.

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25 FREE Printable Name Tag Templates (Word | PDF)

(53 years ago) Branding is an significant part of any business, regardless of whether it is small or large. For one to be successful in marketing their company’s brand, they must have a strong branding strategy.

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10 FREE Delivery Receipt Templates (Word | Excel | PDF)

(53 years ago) Now that you’ve known what to include in your Delivery Receipt, writing one shouldn’t be difficult. If you want a ready-made receipt, you can go ahead and download our free Delivery Receipt templates here.

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28 Free Printable Sign Up Sheet Templates (Excel / Word)

(53 years ago) Here are simple steps to make a sign up sheet template in MS Excel. Step 1: Open a Microsoft excel blank workbook. Step 2: Add the “form” command to enable you to work on the cells. To add it, click the file, then scroll down to choose commands from, all controls, form, then click ‘ok’ and then add it to the middle of the window.

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32 Free Event Proposal Templates & Examples (Word | PDF)

(53 years ago) Title of Event: Betty Jewellery Fair Venue and Time of the Event: Creator gardens 242 range road From 12th -14th September 2020. Proposed By: John McCain, Executive Director Agency Name: ABC Inc, Creator range. Event Description: With gold, silver, diamond, and platinum becoming expensive each day, most people are moving their attention towards costume jewelry.

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Complaint Letter for Bad Product or Service | 5 Free Samples

(53 years ago) Jane Doe. 555 W. Whipple St. Alden, CA 55555. March 6, 20XX. Jerrod Wilson. Manager. ACME Manufacturing. 555 E. Chandler St. Alden, CA 55555. Re: Purchase of spoiled ...

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20 FREE Payment Receipt Templates (Word | Excel | PDF)

(53 years ago) In most countries, landlords have to provide a rent receipt in writing once the tenant requests one regardless of the means of payment used by the tenant. Some states will also require receipts for purchases that exceed a certain amount. To be on the safe side, it is therefore vital to ensure you provide a payment receipt for each transaction.

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5 Best Nursing Letter of Recommendation Examples

(53 years ago) A nursing letter of recommendation is a document used to confirm a nurse’s skill, experience, attitude, and competency. Usually, the letter helps in convincing the recipient why they should hire the applicant at their medical facility or an undergraduate nursing program by providing examples of excellent work performance examples of theirs in their previous roles which the …

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40 Free Ticket Templates (Word - PDF) | Design Your Tickets

(53 years ago) What Size You Should Use. A standard ticket that uses a stub is 1.97 x 5.63 inches. Stubless tickets tend to be 5.5 x 2 inches. You can use larger sizes if you are including ads, like 3.5 x 8.5 inches.

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16 Free Interview Evaluation Forms (Manager, Candidate, etc.)

(53 years ago) What is an Interview Evaluation? An interview is a conversation between the investigator/ recruiter and the respondent, where asking questions is the order of obtaining information.

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Thank You Email to Your Customers (12 Samples) - Document …

(53 years ago) A thank-you email can help you maintain long-term loyalty from customers and increase the likelihood of customer referrals. Sending your customers to thank your emails can give you a huge advantage over your competitors.

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Free Child Medical Consent Forms - Overview - (Word | PDF)

(53 years ago) Here is the information contained in a child medical consent form: The address and names of parents or guardians. Description of the medical treatments for which authorization has been given.

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40 Free Printable Award Certificate Templates (Word | PDF)

(53 years ago) Good Work. Has your team excelled in a recent project? A free meal is something that is appreciated, but it gets quickly forgotten. However, a printed award certificate template can commemorate achievements in a way that will last for years.

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Free Event Plan Checklists (Edit & Printable) Word | PDF

(53 years ago) Planning events is a sophisticated and nuanced profession that demands a broad range of skills and experience. Event planners are expected to possess an interdisciplinary knowledge that helps them balance artistic goals with practical ones.

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Quotation Letter/Email Samples (How to ask and Reply)

(53 years ago) In a business, a quotation letter or email remains among the most common or popular business communications. A quotation letter, when put simply, is a letter that is written for the purpose of indicating the price of a product or service and terms & conditions of business.

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Reference Letter to Support Immigration Marriage | 5 Samples

(53 years ago) The USCIS requires the letter to be a third-party account of the immigration marriage between the couple. They, therefore, require in-depth information that can verify the couple’s intention, and as such certain information must appear in the letter.

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45 Printable Grocery List Templates (Word, Excel, PDF)

(53 years ago) A Grocery List is a form used to write down a list of grocery items one intends to buy at a supermarket or a grocery shop.. A grocery list is meant to help in preparing for shopping. The list captures is meant to write down the grocery items you need to shop for so that you don’t miss or forget any while at the grocery store.

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Free Odometer Disclosure Statement Forms (US) | How to Fill

(53 years ago) An Odometer Disclosure Statement is used to declare a vehicle’s mileage as indicated by the vehicle’s odometer.. It can also be used to declare whether the vehicle’s odometer displays an accurate reading. Furthermore, the sale of commercial vehicles with regulated weight limits as well as vehicles sold directly to an agency by a manufacturer does not require the completion …

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30 Effective Debt Collection Letter Samples (How to Write)

(53 years ago) There are four different types of collection letter samples that one is supposed to send to the customer when demanding payments from them. Remember that if your customer fails to respond to your phone calls or one of the letters, you don’t have to send them an additional letter unless they fail to follow through with the payments.

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15 Free Performance Evaluation Forms (Word | PDF) - Document …

(53 years ago) To further the employee’s professional and personal development, the management has to provide proper growth and feedback opportunities. The feedback can be provided frequently through email or one on one conversation, with a formal approach being through performance review meetings.

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Letter to the Editor | Sample Letters & Free Templates

(53 years ago) 652, Sun Park. Milan-728. Dated: 14th Aug 202XX. The Editor. New Daily Times. Milan. Subject: Public campaign to clean Sun Park River. Dear Editor, I am Mary Paul, a member of NGO Landers.

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30 Examples of Letter of Support | How to Write (Tips)

(53 years ago) [Date] [Your official Address] [Address of the organization/person you are writing to] Dear Sir/Madam: This letter of support is to confirm that I [Your Name] will be providing full financial support to [Name of the beneficiary] during [your reason for offering your support] until a time when [period], so he/she does not become a financial burden.

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Volunteer Resignation Letter | 10 Samples and Free Templates

(53 years ago) Dear [Employer X], I am writing this letter to formally resign from my [Volunteer Nurse Position] at [Hospital Name]. This letter serves as the required advance four-week resignation notice based on my contract, with the effective date being [Actual resignation date].

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20 Free Phone Book Templates (Word | Excel)

(53 years ago) Given its importance, one might assume that maintaining a digital phone book might be a tiresome enterprise. That, however, isn’t further from the truth – With the convenience of Microsoft Excel, a phone book can be created, managed, saved, shared and updated from within the comfort of your home.

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32 Free Invoice Templates - Editable with Excel and Word

(53 years ago) Every business owner wants to get that quick payment upon successful delivery of goods or services to their customers. According to experts, one of the best ways to achieve quick repayment is to write a compelling invoice.

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Best Volunteer Thank You Letter Examples (How to Write)

(53 years ago) Paula, Thank you for volunteering and showing support and dedication to the event and planning committee for the recent auction fundraiser. With your support, this event brought in $40,000 that will go a long way in supporting Local Nonprofit’s efforts to ensure that every child has access to three nutritious meals every day.

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Free Mileage Log Templates (Excel | Word | PDF)

(53 years ago) Why you should keep a mileage log? Mileage log records are necessary for any business that wants to make mileage deductions for tax purposes. Many business owners simply estimate their business mileage, but it is important to note that the IRS looks at mileage deductions closely and you could be audited because of it.

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10 Free Goods Return Receipt Templates (Word | Excel)

(53 years ago) A receipt is one of the most significant documents in any transaction. It acts as legal proof of payment for the goods or services offered. However, due to the advancement of technology in business spheres, transactions are becoming much easier and convenient.

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Letter of Support for Immigration | 10 Best Examples

(53 years ago) Apr 16, 2019 · Following are some tips for writing a letter of support for immigration: Provide detailed information about your circumstances . While the reference you settle for might not know a lot about your background, it won’t cost you anything to suggest essential details you would like them to include in the letter.

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Free Parent Contact Log Sheet Templates (Excel | Word)

(53 years ago) There are several reasons why teachers use a parent contact log. It is key for teachers to have this information easily accessible because: If the kid requires supervision in terms of their studies because they are failing, a meeting with their parent may only be set, should the adviser of the kid be able to contact them.

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