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The power of Destini product locators. Fully customizable applications to embed on any website. Automated data feeds from 120,000+ retail locations. Consumer demand and buy-online affiliate sales reporting. Trusted by 1,200+ brands.

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Destini | Buy Online

(53 years ago) Destini's Buy Online Feed displays real-time price and in-stock availability for your eCommerce partners in a centralized window, giving your customers ultimate flexibility for shopping with convenience. Prices and availability are based on your customers' detected location in case there is variability across your retail landscape.

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Destini | Signals

(53 years ago) See how Destini Signals helps you unlock actionable retail execution insights. Receive personalized signals that show you the changes that matter. Grow sales and protect your hard-earned distribution with store-level data insights that allow you to manage your brand's performance down to the UPC level. Receive personalized signals that show you ...

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(53 years ago) Adding Products. New products can easily be added to your locator via the Destini CMS. Adding ... How to use the Store Publisher. The Store Publisher is for uploading a large number of stores and their asso... Adding Users to an Account. In order to add a new user or users to your Destini account, please contact S...

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Destini | Shoppable Landing Pages

(53 years ago) How it works. Destini's Shoppable landing pages automatically detect the consumer's location to display product availability for online and grocery delivery retailers. The "Add-to-Cart" integration shortens the path to purchase even further, allowing consumers to add your products and check out in a single click. Self-Service.

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Products – Destini

(53 years ago) Editing Products. Removing Products. Adding and Changing Product Images. How to use Tags. Reordering Tags. Best Practices for Uploading Images. Active vs. Inactive Status. Reorder Products & Categories. Categories & Sub-categories: Adding, Editing, and Deleting.

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Product Locators – Destini

(53 years ago) General Information. ★ Adding Users to an Account. Omni Channel Locator Implementation. Implementing Your Destini Locator via React NPM. About Destini Locator Cookies. Product Locator Deep-Linking. What are Deals?

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Destini | Canada

(53 years ago) 36 million Canadian consumers. •. Powered by accurate product availability from over 6,200 stores refreshed monthly. •. Display product details and images specific to your Canadian distribution. •. Ability to display results in miles or kilometers. Destini & Nielsen partner to deliver automated locator data. from 44 retail accounts ...

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Destini | DemoPro

(53 years ago) Destini has partnered with Promomash to deliver the most effective demo optimization solution. Leverage the unique combination of store-level sales and demo data sets to measure program lift, payback and ROI by account, stores, products, brand ambassadors, and more.

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Destini | Digital Coupon Publisher

(53 years ago) Locator Integration. Existing Destini Product Locator clients can have their digital coupons featured in search results for retailers that have active campaigns. This free integration provides additional consumer touchpoints to strengthen incentive on the path from discovery to purchase. Centralized Reporting.

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Destini | Coupon Landing Pages

(53 years ago) Destini Coupon Landing Pages provide a single destination to centralize your digital coupons, showcase your products, educate, and inspire. Drive Conversions. Increase usage and incentivize purchase with digital coupon CTAs across paid media, in-store POS, promotional emails, or even as part of customer service correspondence. . What you get with.

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Stores – Destini

(53 years ago) How can we help? Destini; Product Locators; Stores; Stores

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Common Signals FAQs – Destini

(53 years ago) Common Signals FAQs. 1. What is Destini Signals? Destini Signals is the largest centralized store level application that unlocks strategic and tactical insights into your business for rankings, voids, and opportunities to execute against your objectives. W e partner with different point of sale data providers to create the most robust ...

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General Information – Destini

(53 years ago) ★Adding Users to an Account; Omni Channel Locator Implementation; Implementing Your Destini Locator via React NPM; About Destini Locator Cookies; Product Locator Deep-Linking

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Adding Products – Destini

(53 years ago) Click Add Product from the Products menu, or on the All Products page. Enter in the 12 digit product UPC, the product name, and select the product sub-category. If you have the Product Description feature, enter the product description. If you would like the product to show up on the locator now, change the Status to "active" with a click.

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Account Settings – Destini

(53 years ago) The account settings section is where you can: Upload a brand logo. This logo will appear in the upper right of the Destini CMS. It is also used when replying to Retailer Requests, if you have ...

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FAQs – Destini

(53 years ago) Availability Why isn't my product showing up on the landing page? Possibility 1: 48-Hour Scrape Window. It takes roughly 48 hours for a new URL to be scraped after it has been entered into Destini's product-retailer link matrix.

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Buy Online – Destini

(53 years ago) How to setup and manage your Manual Buy Online Service; Add Custom Retailers

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Destini | Close.By Links

(53 years ago) Links empower brands to build custom item groups into trackable short-links that provide geo-targeted product availability to customers with a single click. Links were developed to optimize conversion on your marketing spend and provide powerful performance analytics. U.S. PATENT 8996299 ISSUED 03/31/2015.

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How to setup and manage your Manual Buy Online Service - Destini

(53 years ago) How to Access your "Manual Buy Online" management view within the Destini CMS. In your Destini dashboard, click on the Buy Online tile. Then, on the menu bar, click 'Manual Link Management'. 2. How to add online retailers into your Product Locator. In order to add a new Retailer, click the 'Add Retailer' button.

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What are Local Stores? – Destini

(53 years ago) What are Local Stores? Because not all retailers participate in locator data feeds, Destini allows for batch uploads of static data, using an excel template, to ensure smaller retailers can easily be included in your locator. We refer to these manually uploaded stores as "local" stores because they are stored locally in your Destini account.

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Submit a request – Destini

(53 years ago) Subject. Description. Please enter the details of your request. A member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible. Destini Product -. Select which …

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Embedding Your Product Locator – Destini

(53 years ago) When ready to implement your LITE Product Locator, please navigate to the "Locator" page within the "Settings" menu of the CMS. There you will find a blue “Embed Code” button on the top right of the page which will present two options for how you'd like your locator displayed to your consumers. The first option, "Start with Product ...

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Destini | Terms and Conditions

(53 years ago) Apr 01, 2018 · Destini is the leading product locator solution featuring automated store-level data, powerful analytics, and customizable web, mobile and facebook applications.

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Landing Pages vs Direct-to-Cart Links – Destini

(53 years ago) Direct-to-Cart links take the consumer directly from the ad (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) to checkout with pre-determined products at a pre-determined retailer. This is different from a landing page, where the consumer goes from ad to landing to retailer after selecting their desired products at their desired retailer.

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Destini | United States Privacy Policy

(53 years ago) Jan 18, 2021 · Contact for Questions or Complaints. If you have questions or complaints regarding this privacy statement, our privacy practices or your Personal Information, you may contact us at [email protected] You may also send us mail to: Destini Global LLC. 222 W. Hubbard Street Suite 300. Chicago, IL 60654. Attn: General Counsel.

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Best Practices for Uploading Images – Destini

(53 years ago) Best Practices for Uploading Images. In most Destini Locators, product or category images can be added or changed in the Destini CMS. The process is pretty simple, but there are some concepts regarding sizing and cropping images that might be useful to understand. This is especially true if you are swapping out all of your product images ...

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Connecting a GTM Account for Retargeting – Destini

(53 years ago) To connect your GTM account and have data flow through from Destini's system to yours, the first thing you will need to do is navigate to the "Settings" page and enter your GTM ID. Note: Any landing pages published prior to a GTM ID being added must be re-published for the integration to work for a landing page.

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How to use Tags – Destini

(53 years ago) How do I know if my Locator uses tags? The easiest way to tell if your locator uses Tags is if your locator has a sidebar or top bar which allows for filtering the …

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Digital Coupons FAQs – Destini

(53 years ago) If you already have a Destini account, simply log in and click on the “Digital Coupons” link from your dashboard and start building offers today! Otherwise, please contact our sales team to help get your account setup to start publishing coupons ASAP! Was this article helpful? 0 out of 0 found this helpful.

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Creating a Shoppable Landing Page – Destini

(53 years ago) Below is an example of what to paste into the landing page with the only remaining step being to enter your Facebook pixel ID. Note: At this time, we only support the firing of pixels on page load and do not yet support track events.

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Can't Log In – Destini

(53 years ago) Reset your password. Check your spam folder -- registration and password reset emails from Destini may be in your spam folder.

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How to use the Store Publisher – Destini

(53 years ago) 3. Check your UPCs. On the fourth step of the uploader you can copy and paste your entire UPC column of the stores template into the box to confirm the UPCs in the template match the UPCs in Destini. 4. Upload your list. Destini will then process your list. …

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Destini | Locator Privacy Policy

(53 years ago) Jan 18, 2021 · Destini is the leading product locator solution featuring automated store-level data, powerful analytics, and customizable web, mobile and facebook applications.

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Product Locator Deep-Linking – Destini

(53 years ago) Destini supports a variety of deep-links or “parameter strings” that can be utilized to automatically trigger your Product Locator to take one or more actions upon its initial page-load. This is ac...

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How to Create Widgets – Destini

(53 years ago) 1. Navigate to Product Widgets in the Product section. 2. Set up Global Styles for all Widgets if this hasn't been done yet. Once set, click 'Save'. 3. Click Create New Widget button. Give the widget a name, description, and Unique ID. The Unique ID …

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Report an Incorrect Store Location – Destini

(53 years ago) If a store is listed in the wrong location, or with other incorrect information (such as name, phone number or address) first check that the store is not in your local stores list.You can view this list by going to Stores --> All Stores and searching.

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About Destini Locator Cookies

(53 years ago) The only cookie used directly by Destini, "DUTV" as outlined in the chart below, is used to differentiate total searches from unique searches. If necessary, this cookie can be removed, although it will impact Destini’s ability to isolate unique search counts within your reporting dashboard. The remaining cookies outlined below are required by ...

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Fastrac-logo- | Destini

(53 years ago) Destini is the leading product locator solution featuring automated store-level data, powerful analytics, and customizable web, mobile and facebook applications.

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How to Add Products to a Store – Destini

(53 years ago) To add or remove products from the list of stores manually uploaded to the locator, known as "local" stores: Go to the All Stores page in the Stores menu. Search for the store you want and click on its row. On the Edit Store page, choose the products you want to add/remove from the store. If you need to add a brand new store, this can also be ...

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Coupons – Destini

(53 years ago) How can we help? Destini; Coupons Coupons

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"Inline" Product Widget Implementation Guide – Destini

(53 years ago) This guide provides an outline of best practices for implementing Destini’s Product Widgets within a webpage. This implementation method will result in your widget immediately loading within any webpage in which you place an embed script. Alternatively, if your intention is to launch your Product Widget within a pop-up or a window overlay ...

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Item Summary – Destini

(53 years ago) The Item Summary is where you can take the information provided in the charts and examine it more closely by Item. It's broken into three sections and the first shows Point of Distribution (POD) Gains from largest and then descending:. We stick to our motto of easy and intuitive with the POD Gains on the left and the Item Name on the right. Your top retailers are listed first and the gain …

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Styling your LITE Product Locator – Destini

(53 years ago) This article will review how to edit the styles within your Destini LITE Product Locator via your Destini CMS account. Your Destini LITE Product Locator has a variety of style attributes that can be customized to match the look and feel of your website's aesthetic. The controls to style your LITE Locators can be found within your Destini CMS ...

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Reorder Products & Categories – Destini

(53 years ago) The Reorder page is where products and, depending on your locator, sub-categories and categories can be reordered.

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2.7.0 – Destini

(53 years ago) Aug 16, 2021 · Release Notes: Aug 16, 2021 What's New. Campaigns Page. The Campaigns page and feature will be hidden from all clients besides a select group of clients.; Items Page. When a user navigates to the Items page, the donut graph will default to the Item Dollars Share.; UI Cleanups. The filter modal will display the correct number of applied filters.

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Customizing & Embedding Your LITE Locator – Destini

(53 years ago) The look of LITE locators can be controlled by you in the Settings section. Customizing Your Locator The custom settings for LITE locators are slightly …

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Measures Guide – Destini

(53 years ago) Definition. The total count of products missing from a store (s) where it has not registered a scan in the current timeframe but is available at other store (s) of the same retailer. We can see Distribution Voids by US State, Item, Store, or Account. Formula. (Algorithm) - Gather a list of all products sold at the retailer in the preceding period.

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Locator Event Tracking via Google Tag Manager – Destini

(53 years ago) End Google Tag Manager (noscript) -->. Note that your GTM container code is put in-place of GTM-####### in both places above. 2. Contact Destini to Activate Event Tracking for GTM. Once the correct snippet is on your website, contact Destini and request activation of event tracking. Please allow up to 2 business days to complete the request.

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Tracking Pixels and Other Custom-Scripted Actions Using ... - Destini

(53 years ago) When a client locator is set-up for using Destini Locator Event Tracking and implemented via Google Tag Manager (GTM), clients have the ability to further customize their GTM container's tags and triggers so they can have custom scripting fire for Destini events, including tracking pixels provided by Facebook, Doubleclick, and others.

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