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The first stop for newbies in the comic book universe. Super hero battles, quotes and epic moments.

Posted: Wednesday Jan 20, 2021

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Comicnewbies – The first stop for newbies in the comic ...

Posted: (7 days ago) The first stop for newbies in the comic book universe. Super hero battles, quotes and epic moments.

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Homelander Kills Queen Maeve – Comicnewbies

Posted: (5 days ago) Homelander confronts Queen Maeve, who's leaving the Seven along with Starlight, after learning that Maeve's the spy working for the Boys, planting listening bugs in the Seven's headquarters. Maeve's last act was to throw Starlight out of the hangar to escape, and confronts Homelander on her own. The fight is not shown but it…

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Black Noir Kills Homelander – Comicnewbies

Posted: (5 days ago) Black Noir turned out to be an unstable clone of the Homelander. His main purpose? To kill Homelander once he goes out of line. The problem was Homelander didn't do anything extremely appalling, and Black Noir started to get impatient. So Black Noir did a couple of heinous crimes, and then took pictures of it,…

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Billy Butcher Kills Black Noir – Comicnewbies

Posted: (6 days ago) Billy Butcher finally gets his revenge on the man who raped and killed his wife, Becky. All this time he thought it was the Homelander, when in fact, it was the Homelander's insane clone Black Noir who killed her. From – The Boys #65

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Hughie Campbell Kills A-Train – Comicnewbies

Posted: (7 days ago) Billy Butcher captured and roughed up the Seven's speedster, A-Train. He then lets Hughie Campbell confront the man who killed his girlfriend Robin. Billy plays a recording of A-train and the Seven laughing about the collateral damage. When that doesn't push Hughie in taking action, Billy plays another recording of some Seven members choosing…

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Hughie Campbell Kills Billy Butcher – Comicnewbies

Posted: (7 days ago) With his body paralyzed from the neck down after falling from the top of the Empire State building, Billy Butcher goads Hughie Campbell into killing him before paramedics or the police arrive to bring him in. Billy describes Hughie's house in Scotland in perfect detail, and fools Hughie into thinking he's killed his parents.…

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Homelander Sexually Harasses Starlight – Comicnewbies

Posted: (5 days ago) The difference between this scene and in the Amazon TV series is that Homelander is the one who forces himself on Starlight, not the Deep. Then A-train and Black Noir joins in. From - The Boys #3

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Starfire – Comicnewbies

Posted: (9 days ago) Impulse Wally West discovers the hidden lab within Starlabs where all the Titans, him, Wonder Girl and Kole’s dead…

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Catwoman’s Batchelorette Party With Lois Lane – Comicnewbies

Posted: (7 days ago) I like how, despite all of this being a dream of Batman's while he's being pumped full of Scarecrow gas, he's able to visualize not just a bachelor party for himself, but a batchelorette party as well for his fiancee. No contest, Catwoman and Lois Lane had more fun here than Batman's awkward night…

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The Governor Rapes Michonne – Comicnewbies

Posted: (7 days ago) The despicable Governor of Woodbury takes Michonne, Glen Rhee and Rick Grimes prisoners. For Michonne, he tied her hands and feet separately and raped her mercilessly. This prompts Michonne to start crying for the Governor, to his surprise. She explains that the things she's thinking of doing to him as payback scares even…

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